Return of the GDR Stasi: You And The NSA. Congrats!

Archie’s birthday is next Friday. John, bring the soda pop. Nancy, don’t forget to place the  personalized cake on order. Any decorating volunteers? Um, ok Tracy. It’s yours. And Timothy, you’ve got to keep Archie away until around 7pm. Watch for a text from me. I’ll let you know when things are clear to bring him home. Yes, bring Archie home.

Surprises are great. The more unlikely, the better the surprise. The more secret, equally better the surprise. To watch it all and know it all and be involved in it all. Nothing will surprise you, but just wait for the surprise you’ll give them! Fun isn’t it. To see, but not be seen. To hear, but not be heard. Like the joy of successfully hiding behind the door or beneath blankets. Holding in your excitement and the few giggles that might escape like an air bubble leaving your mouth underwater. Not be noticed or caught when you intend makes anyone giddy. You’ve pulled the wool over someone’s eyes and maybe even used it to you manipulative advantage. The rush is tremendous with a bit invincibility.

Look at us. Nearly everything we enjoy involves silent participation. Quietly observing and judging all before us. The mass media of movies and television shows. The radio! We’re passive participants watching, listening to the lives of others. Enjoy it we do. Again and again. Rather addicting is the feeling of knowing something the other doesn’t – along the lines of asymmetrical information. And so I wonder have we all become a hipster version of the Stasi of East Germany? Strong comparison perhaps. What’s so very interesting about passively following others through their day-to-days and thinking it is normal? And then when it’s revealed that someone – the NSA – has been using us as their entertainment it now becomes wrong. No, illegal. But of course, one is entertainment and other is real life though the fundamental act is no different.

These thoughts formulated after re-watching The Lives of Others. A well deserved round of applause with a hearty pat on the back delivered with a smile. This goes out to you society, the American public, for being so righteous and dishonest with yourselves. Who are you, really?

Passing Gas Inspired by The Planets

Arsht Center concert tickets to The Planets
Concert Tickets to Planets Adrienne Arsht Center on Sunday March 22, 2014

With the exception of an old man sitting less than one seat away – he mischievously sat next to us – and his active geyser of sulfur spewing anus, the concert was simply grand.

All throughout and up until intermission, the symphony of gasses crashed and burst in the third tier seating enough to awaken profound sleepers and anyone with a stuffed nose. This man was unfazed by our befuddled looks and throat clearing and the occasional blatant wave of the hand across our collective noses. Determined he was.

Returning to our seats at the end of intermission the world was not safe from the monster among us. As a small display of disgust with the gentleman with the unruly intestine, we publicly moved to other seating several rows behind on the right. Poor seats, sure – but well away from the bastion of ass vomit and its king.

Love Like a Chinese Puzzle

Sunday 21 June 2014 Update: Martine, unsure but convinced and committed, remains with Xavier in New York. With her two children. And just like that Martine becomes Xavier’s ex-wife; the ex-wife that moved to New York with his son and daughter to live with her boyfriend. While we aren’t given the opportunity to know Martine’s ex-husband this light layer of hypocrisy is just the right amount to start a non-stop Chinese Puzzle cycle. Coming to mind several weeks after viewing the film I wonder at the unsensed emotional ties this movie has created.

These types of stories are rarely uncommon. Trials and tribulations of life leading to happy endings. We’re expecting the happy ending and sometimes that makes us sad. If only our lives could be as lucky. Feelings are messy for all but only the most desensitized flesh bags on two legs. As Xavier, a Parisian unwillingly forced to extract himself from lovely Paris to the noise and diversity of New York City, struggles to find a way, a path, I saw myself time again in Xavier’s shadows of the real world. And Martine. She’s perfectly perfect.

Xavier and Martine all happy and shit. Jealous? Yes!
Xavier and Martine all happy and shit. Jealous? Yes!

Time to organize and settle down. Oh, the feelings this odd movie kindled within me. I think I understand how woman searching for romance must feel. Definitely inspirational though unlikely in some parts, the Chinese puzzle of this man’s life, Xavier, solved. Happy endings are wonderful especially in our own lives.