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Improve Circulation

I understand now and sympathize with the need to improve blood circulation. Sitting on the toilet my left foot was completely without feeling. The nail color of my big toe was darker; nearer to a faded blue.

Tried and failed to curl my toes or move my foot. It felt like a mass of uncontrollable flesh. I was worried what this meant and that it could lead to something problematic. My foot needed blood circulation.

Leaning on the right leg I pretended to ride a bicycle with the other. The tingle sensation came through to the foot and my toes moved when I willed them to move.

After the tingle came the pain. The pain that stops you from moving. You try to move and it hurts. I just didn’t move and waiting for the feeling to go away.

Hot White Beach with No Shade

Driving towards Sanibel Island on causeway.
Driving towards Sanibel Island on causeway.

On the Saturday driving south from Saint Petersburg you continued south of Naples and Fort Myers to Sanibel Island.

Should you consider returning think about these things probably forgot about:

  1. There is no shade on the beach. No Shade. Bring an umbrella or tent.
  2. What looks like sand are shells. The entire shoreline is a rock of sea shells. You can walk with you shoes on the shore is so solid.
  3. The sea shells are the common kind. They are everywhere and it seems that the shells reproduce.
  4. The sand is white and there is no shade and the water reflects the sun amplifying the light. It is a very bright place to be. Bring the darkest sunglasses you can find.
  5. The water is very shallow and the sand is fine and muddy. You can walk 40 meters from the shore and still have the water at knee length.
  6. If you rent a bicycle, then wear a moisture dissipating shirt. You will sweat.
  7. Don’t expect to find well known restaurants outside of 7-11 and Dairy Queen though there was a pizza and Mexican food restaurant.

There was a ting of, I don’t know, something with the people. Like sand in your food. You don’t see it, but you know it’s there because you can taste it.

Not one picture of the beach. Biked to four beach access points. Entered the water at two. Spent a total of three to four hours in Sanibel Island then left.

Google Maps Route Out of Sanibel Island
Screenshot of iPhone with Google Maps navigation leaving Sanibel Island.

Saint Pete to Meet Dali and Watch Baseball

Hi you in the future. This was the Friday and Saturday (July 10-11) road trip from Coral Springs to Saint Petersburg to re-visit The Dali Museum and watch a baseball game. It was a lone trip and you were not embarrassed. Only you for thoughts, conversation, opinion, and entertainment. One can be alone.

Packed bag and lunch the morning of drive to Saint Petersburg.
Packed bag and lunch on passenger seat the morning of drive to Saint Petersburg.

So you didn’t leave at 5:30am on Friday like you wanted and instead left at little before 8am. It wasn’t inconvenient until the detour on Alligator Ally through Immokalee, a place you have never been.

The east coast Florida highways have more trees and greenery than the west it seems.

Only until you crossed the bridges, especially the highest bridge with the yellow suspension cables extending diagonally down that from afar seem like a golden spike, that you accepted that Saint Petersburg is a peninsula. Because of the earlier detour you didn’t arrive before noon. You arrived at the museum at 3pm though you entered Saint Pete by noon, but decided to eat a Publix veggie sub at a public park the size of one city block exactly. The park was nice enough and many people were sitting down on blankets. Parked on the street and slide coins in the meter. It became noticeable that those people where the city’s homeless. With the homeless spread across the park the non-homeless stayed clear. You were part of the homeless scene.

Looking up at The Dali Museum entrance.
Looking up at The Dali Museum entrance.

The first visit to The Dali Museum was on another road trip several years before with an ex-high school girlfriend not longer after your separation. The museum was smaller, but still there. I remember the very large paintings and the white pajama shaped dress she wore with black heels; thought it was too much. So a new three story museum was build in the same spot as the old. Three floors, but only the third floor for exhibition where the concrete spiral staircase leads. And so Dali and you were together again.

Let the others go in order and view each painting one after another like a doctor evaluating patient x-rays. No, you, you zagged when they zigged, went up when they went down. Leave the gallery and return later and view the paintings in reverse. Randomly jump without fear or thought from one to another. You drove the museum security nuts! They saw you multiple times. And again in circles. What must’ve they thought? There’s a crazy.

Three Young Surrealist Woman Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra.
Close up of Three Young Surrealist Woman Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra.

Dali ordered the gallery closed at 5:30.

Later that day after sofritas at Chipotle you drove for 10min to find a parking spot near Tropicana Field that wasn’t $15 expensive. Even $10 was too much and so you found one lot for $5. Turns out it was a city lot and that is why it was the least expensive the attendant explained and congratulated you for saving five dollars. So you parked there and walked the few minutes to the stadium.

Third base line and field post in Tropicana Field during game.
Third base line and field post in Tropicana Field during game.

Ten dollars was the cheapest ticket and you sat at the 300 level in the last of the last seats behind the outfield next to the electronic display boards. There was a tank full of sting rays below a board. A tank full sting rays?! The seats were aluminum benches just like the bleachers you find in high school gymnasiums. It was an indoor stadium and you were thankful for that because the heat was strong and you just wanted to sit and watch and clap for the home team a little. Final score Tampa Rays 3, Houston Astros 1.

And then around 10pm it was back to the bedroom you rented in Amy’s house not far from the stadium.

Sand, Smoke, Debris, and Skin on the Fourth

Cranberry Red Lingering Firework Burst
Two foreground shadows look on at a burst of red fireworks lingering in the sky.

I like walking in the street. In the middle and unabashed. Left foot stepping on the striped dividing line; sometimes yellow other times white. Then the right foot. An action to show that I’m wild or going against the grain or not paying attention. A bit of defiance. To publicly show that I think differently. That I am different. To have people follow my lead. They respect me and are curious and while they don’t say anything within them they carry an appreciation of my showing them that they too can walk in the street and be one of the first so others can see them and have others follow their lead until it is those who do not walk in the street that are the few. See this, see me, look at my flexed calves and my funny Birkenstocks. This street; I walk on it. The entire length of it is mine. And I will return one year from today to claim this street again. Remember me.

On the Fourth of July I do walk on the street and over a bridge. Fireworks are lit at 9:05PM. Arriving with an hour until then means parking about a mile away and walking to the beach. East bound traffic is closed.

Fireworks bright white light illuminates the audience.
The audience and smoke illuminated by a blast of bright white light.

Some groups of people, it becomes obvious, have been at the beach all day. The crowd thickened the closer to the water so we claim our spot behind the volleyball court while a few clearly non-volleyball players have fun with an grapefruit like under-inflated ball.

More people arrive and claim their viewing places around us including directly in front. The first pop and burst of gun powder like clockwork. The night turned into a masquerade. Shadows moving and exposed by the light – red, green, white, blue, purple. The oil on the skin reflected. At first I noticed the long full hair. Then I noticed the wonderful breasts with the assistance of the helpful light. Plush. As she crossed from the right out in front of me another crackle and burst touched the thin layer of oil on both rear checks; a full reveal. Suddenly the shadow was no more a shadow but blended into the night. I titled my neck to return my sights to the pier and then to the sky.

The fireworks were 3-D. Either the fireworks were so powerful or we were so close to them that each bang and pop and burst rained little paper pieces of the fireworks. The debris landed on in my hair, shirt, and legs.

The mile walk back was more crowded than the same walk an hour before. Reached the car at 10:00pm exactly and had driven well away from the crowd easily without traffic by 10:11pm. Away from the sand, smoke, debris, and skin.