At Peace with the Understanding of Life and People

Into The Wild Paperback Cover
Into The Wild Paperback Cover

Trust is a very difficult emotion to feel for someone. It’s fragile and sensitive. Trust can be created more easily with strangers than with family. Strangers have yet to hurt you and generally don’t intend to if they seek your trust. And if they do hurt, then it is placed aside as an example of humanity’s nature. As if your were expecting it and satisfied so proved right.

Family can scar; always hurting and infrequently punished. One’s family is not chosen so it’s okay to disregard.

New adventures  sought to create distance between yourself and Family. Along the way a new family is formed; a family of strangers that morph into friends that understand and accept your present self. Friends that want trust and discretion.

And this conflict seems to have drawn Alexander Supertramp to tramp across the country rejecting all that family meant and created a distance of silence. He doesn’t share his adventures. Of strangers he creates family and of family he creates strangers.