Farewell Torrentz.eu 2003-2016

A sad day it was. The day I could no longer search. Dumbfounded, confused, I tried repeatedly and each time no results displayed. Something is clearly wrong and I was bothered. Only on the desperate last search did I see the words. So accustomed to seeing a list of results that on first view I didn’t bother to read. The brief and sweet send off read:

Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.

Search results returned a simple message:
Search results returned a simple message: Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.

Returning to the homepage it was clear that the message was there all along and I simply refused to believe it. Is it rational and mentally sane to cry over a website? I don’t care. I nearly did.

Torrentz was a free, fast and powerful meta-search engine combining results from dozens of search engines

Torrentz.eu shuts down
Torrentz.eu shuts down referring to itself in past tense on its homepage.

The site shut down a couple of days ago. And I’m still in shock.

Decomposition of Love

The Art of Love book cover next to stack of books
The Art of Love book cover next to stack of books
A powerful book full of truths and clear analysis of what it means to love, how to think about love, and how to love. 

A brief book that should be read often.


Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Edition

[removed] search for Black’s Law Dictionary:


Update: Excerpt of notice of copyright infringement from Thomson Reuters. Full email here.

To Whom it May Concern:

We are providing you this letter of notification to make you aware of material that infringes the exclusive copyright rights of Thomson Reuters (“Thomson Reuters”).

Under penalty of perjury, we hereby affirm that the undersigned is authorized to act on behalf of Thomson Reuters whose exclusive copyright rights we believe to be infringed as described herein.

Editions 1 and 2 of Thomson Reuters Black’s Law Dictionary are in the public domain. However, editions 3 to 10 of Thomson Reuters Black’s Law Dictionary are not in public domain and are protected by copyright law as so reflected in the current records of the U.S. Copyright Office.

It has come to our attention that one (or more) of these editions appear on the URL(s) listed below without having obtained prior written authorization from Thomson Reuters. This practice infringes upon the exclusive intellectual property rights of Thomson Reuters.

Black’s Law Dictionary 10th Edition

Thomson Reuters represents that it has not authorized you to use the Infringing Material. Based upon information at its disposal, we believe that the statements in this notice are accurate and correctly describe the infringing nature and status of the Infringing Material.

We trust that you will immediately remove or disable access to the Infringing Material at the URL(s) identified above. As you may know, if this information is not removed after notice that complies with the DMCA, the Internet Service Provider may also be held liable for the copyright infringement.

We will continue to monitor your domain for compliance. Should you require additional information or wish to further discuss this issue, please contact the undersigned.


Thomson Reuters Copyright Enforcement

Metamorphosis of a Man

The Fall; paperback edition.
The Fall; paperback edition.

A high brow Paris lawyer. A vain do good-er in the extreme. Smug.

A traffic argument leaves him in an embarrassed shock. Someone of his profession and verbal agility is wronged in public. And the public agrees. Outrage at there being no one to defend him, to support him; our lawyer recedes into a more normal though imperfect life and being.

The public’s perception of him does not meet the purity of his own.

It is a defeat. A grand fall.

Folding blue sports chair on grass.
Folding blue sports chair on grass.
Trees and brush
Trees and brush still and staring.

What is this life but reading in the park on a Saturday midday.

At Peace with the Understanding of Life and People

Into The Wild Paperback Cover
Into The Wild Paperback Cover

Trust is a very difficult emotion to feel for someone. It’s fragile and sensitive. Trust can be created more easily with strangers than with family. Strangers have yet to hurt you and generally don’t intend to if they seek your trust. And if they do hurt, then it is placed aside as an example of humanity’s nature. As if your were expecting it and satisfied so proved right.

Family can scar; always hurting and infrequently punished. One’s family is not chosen so it’s okay to disregard.

New adventures  sought to create distance between yourself and Family. Along the way a new family is formed; a family of strangers that morph into friends that understand and accept your present self. Friends that want trust and discretion.

And this conflict seems to have drawn Alexander Supertramp to tramp across the country rejecting all that family meant and created a distance of silence. He doesn’t share his adventures. Of strangers he creates family and of family he creates strangers.