Hot White Beach with No Shade

On the Saturday driving south from Saint Petersburg you continued south of Naples and Fort Myers to Sanibel Island. Should you consider returning think about these things probably forgot about: There is no shade on the beach. No Shade. Bring an umbrella or tent. What looks like sand are shells. The entire shoreline is a… Continue reading Hot White Beach with No Shade

Saint Pete to Meet Dali and Watch Baseball

Hi you in the future. This was the Friday and Saturday (July 10-11) road trip from Coral Springs to Saint Petersburg to re-visit The Dali Museum and watch a baseball game. It was a lone trip and you were not embarrassed. Only you for thoughts, conversation, opinion, and entertainment. One can be alone. So you… Continue reading Saint Pete to Meet Dali and Watch Baseball

We Are Zero

A steady and fairly quick summary of the history of mathematics throughout the centuries and cultures pertaining to the absence of zero and infinity. Slow at the start the author overemphasizes that zero is dangerous. Repeatedly concluding and leaning on zero to create intrigue. Appears to try too hard. Greeks to Egyptians to Romans to… Continue reading We Are Zero