Toilet Tissue Stories

Idea: Print short stories on toilet tissue.

Extensions of idea:

  1. Toilet tissue can be sold by different categories: mystery, romance, comedy, poems, etc., or be bundled in a variety pack.
  2. Toilet tissue could be with different background color and contrasting font color such as a cream or white background with black text.
  3. Include a QR code for the purchase of more short stories from same author. QR code should launch the product page for book.
  4. All stories must be in the public domain.

Speech Synthesizer Manager Test with Fred

say -v Fred -r 600 "hello, this is a good time to listen."

is for the synthesized voice

-v ?

outputs list of available voices along with sample text


is for the rate of speech in words per minute

-f filename.txt

is for reading text within file


is for audio output defaulting to .aiff format

--file-format ?

outputs list of available file formats though not all are supported by Speech Synthesizer Manager

--file-format caff

is for changing the file format of the output audio file