Friendly Ginger Adolescent Fist Bump

And the strangest thing just happened, I was approached by an adolescent probably 14 years old or thereabouts and the asked how I was doing and extended his arm for a fist bump. His speak impediment immediately noticeable didn’t take away from his kindness. Coral shirt with thin horizontal white stripes. Dark blue Nike sneakers with hello highlights and white athletics socks fully stretched nearly reaching his knees. Think they were calf socks. He as a ginger and as I think back perhaps is teeth were a little decayed. At least he smiled. I smiled too returned the fist bump.

Thought to take a picture, but that would be cruel and shallow. He wouldn’t know it, but his father surely would know. And while this ginger kid is asking for a fist bump his father with perfectly circle dark rimmed glasses was visibly holding him back. Right arm wrapped around his son’s torso. It was meaningless really. And the father’s overreaction didn’t suite the son’s actions. Guess the father was expecting me to ignore or show my dislike. Any who, this is 10minutes into a Starbucks sessions with a chilled caramel maki-i-don’t-know. Did I write that this was strange? Only partially. The strangeness was in the father’s reaction. Though unexpected, the kid acted friendly and I didn’t even mind. I was the only one fist bumped so that made me feel special in a strange way.