How Do I Do This Manually?!! When “the system is down” at an Apple Store.

On the Friday before Easter leaving the office around midday after beginning the work day early for the long procrastinated purchase of a mouse. A Magic Mouse actually. Waited and waited and finally the pain of using fingers and two hands on the MacBook became too much to tolerate.

Nothing new here; the Apple store was crowded. Avoiding the magnetic pull of the glowing Retina screens I scanned the walls to find magic. Vertical blue fuzzy blobs whizzed by in this concentrated state. These blue blobs were Apple store employees. More on them at the end. From past experience I didn’t even both to grab the mouse I simply asked one of the first blue blobs I noticed for their help in checking out. Nicely, they asked that I grab the mouse and return to a specific table corner for checkout because THE SYSTEM IS DOWN!!!

Returned to the corner table where I found no less than five blue blobs huddled around the center blob with a stack of credit card carbon copy slips and the companion slider. As I waited for my turn the perimeter blobs asked the center blob for advise on what products could be checked out manually with the credit card slider. Hand written and sales tax calculated on a calculator I admitted to the center blob the humor found in the situation that the blobs lost their equilibrium because the system went down and for not knowing how to process credit card checkouts manually. The blobs overheard me and found much less humor in it than I. There’s something to be said about this situation and reactions. We’ve forgotten how without computers and automation. The center blob was the sole proprietor of the “skills” to use the carbon copy slips and slider. Things couldn’t have turned out better – I was finally able to purchase the Magic Mouse and forget about everything that just happened. Well almost. Considering framing the carbon copy credit card receipt from the Apple store.

Unopened Apple Magic Mouse in transparent plastic packaging.
Shine Magic Mouse. Shine.

This classic BMW motorbike was waiting for me as I walked in the parking garage. Stuck in a permanent pose of tilt its circular large headlight angled in a sad slope. To boost its confidence I got off two pictures.

Classic BMW motorbike.
Classic BMW motorbike stationary in parking garage.
White and blue gas tank of BMW classic motorbike.
Front side close up of white and blue gas tank of BMW classic motorbike.

Return of the blue blobs. While I was nicely greeted by the store greeter and while I was given attention when requesting help to checkout, I largely found the number and appearance of the blue blobs terribly disappointing and off-putting. One was wearing a black leather cap. Backwards! Several others were wearing shorts. Shorts! Like molecules they circled each other and noticeable towards the rear of the store. On appearances alone the better characterization is moderate disorder. Had it not been for the Retina screens I could have been mistaken to think I’d accidentally entered BrandsMart. And I haven’t browsed a BrandsMart in many many years.