La Notte 1961, Italian, 2 Movie Stills

La Notte [1961] 00hr19min34sec


La Notte [1961] 00hr32min27sec


Very nice cinematography and a great observation movie. The story unfolds in its very last moments. And so does their relationship.

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FFmpeg Command Line Used to Extract Images from Video

./ffmpeg -ss 00:19:32 -i "La Notte [1961].mp4" -r 1 -t 10 -s hd1080 image%d.jpeg

-ss 00:19:32 is for the starting point to begin capturing images.

-r 1 is for the frame rate of one frame per second.

-t 10 is for the duration of 10 seconds for the image capture.

-s hd1080 is for the quality of the image.

image%d.jpg is for the image file name format output.