Miami Marlins Triumph and Lose to Pirates

Pecked “Marlins Stadium” into Google Maps. Huh? When did Florida Marlins change nationality and become Miami Marlins? Remember the open roof and well used and renamed Sun Life Stadium where the Marlins used to play? Why am I asking you questions? Many degrees less commercialization and inversely many degrees more baseball. An inverse relationship. Hello Hip Hop meet Commercialization and begin making Hip Hop Babies Deserve Hip Hop T-Shirts together. Good to see you Yoga, I’d like to introduce you to my associate Commercialization for you both to contort yourselves into all manner of perversion. Oi!

I-95 and exist 3a en route to the airport then exit on 12 ave. If it weren’t for the visibly very homeless at the exist I’d feel uncomfortable. Homeless on every freeway exit. Cross the bridge and stay on your right otherwise the line of cars will prevent you from turning right to reach the parking garages squared at corners of Marlins Park. Look up after turning on 7 ave and the white retractable dome looms over the homes of inner city working poor. Homes and apartment buildings of past decades unchanged and unmaintained by their many owners. Umm, yeah, don’t follow those directions.

Let’s find a restaurant on 12th Ave. Peck away on the Yelp app. Its an unkempt neighborhood that 12 ave. Though I’ve never driven through it before or maybe because I’m not accustomed to the urban-ness of downtown Miami; it still seemed quite run down. Reached Dixie Highway finally and found nothing interesting. Probably drove like a total tourist – phone in right hand, steering wheel in right while alternating between glances of phone and anything on left and right sides of street. Dashes of people gathered at corner restaurants with names and facades unknown. Very much an insider or locals things. Naturally. Hungrier by the traffic light we dash as fast as the speed limit allows back to the stadium resigned to pay a premium for soup kitchen food.

Twenty dollar parking sounds expensive until you realize the amazingness upon entering the gates of this concrete palace. Imagine this modern marvel of engineering. Floors, ceilings, walls, everything of of concrete. The parking garage is entertainment own its own merits. Parking spots are very narrow and surely a nightmare for any car owner that doesn’t appreciate dents. If perhaps not your style strangers are willing to help. Shamefully, exploring was limited to the walk to the elevators. Must return. Even the Apple store inspired attendees with mobile cash registers were something of treat. Marlins Park is sure to create a new class of well trained work force from the local community to meet the technological demands of the future in retail and/or parking garages.

Show my paper and up the escalators. Ladies beware of the escalators! Do not fashion yourself a return to the eighties and wear way too short and tight shorts unless you fully expect to display the bottom half of your derriere for the gentleman pretending not to observe your escalator hazard.

Wow. This is an amazing! Entering the stadium on the escalators behind home plate the stadium spread before you in manicured green. Like a widescreen movie the floor and ceiling on level 2 frame your vision. Almost an hour before the game’s start and plenty of time to walk the entire stadium at least once. The seating seems appropriate and enjoyable from any angle. Pirates had begun their batting practice. Baseball is too slow and boring they say. Baseball is like good comedy. Good comedians talk around a joke for a good two to three minutes. It’s enough time to talk to your friend and laugh. Baseball is the same way. There is enough time to talk to your friend and strangers before the next pitch usually.

Marlins Park 360 view from the 306 section.
Marlins Park 360 view from the 306 section.

Ten dollar tickets in section 306 thanks to the Boy Scouts. Struck with guilt of my own childhood I donated $5 dollars to the Boy Scouts outside a local Publix for long rectangular coupon card. There in small print is the Miami Marlins “boyscouts” coupon code for ten dollar seats, where available. A rainy workweek ended only to begin a rainy weekend. Upon arrival the entire 306 section was completely empty. Row A seat 24 and row b seat 24 were mine. One for my bum and the other for my legs. Baseball if paid full attention is a awfully long game to the average spectator. On the third base line, section 306 or the Vista section is well above any other section in the stadium and facing the full glass side of the stadium facing east and onlooking the Miami skyline. The seat and view isn’t as awful as one would expect in cheapo seats. Checkout the view from the 306 section of Marlins Park.

Ehh. The architects of Marlins Park foresaw the future before Google Glass. There is just simply no escaping the advertisements and from the vista of our seats we have a full view. Along all sides of the stadium are spaces for promotions, sales, and offers. No opportunity is wasted. Likely the most distasteful display of advertising and promotion are the in-stadium commercials. These live commercials broadcast onto the jumbo-trons hock t-shirts, tickets, and food and are all ailed by cartoonishly chipper “dancers” on springs possessing a bobblehead quality. Vomit…

Nothing carries emotion and brings together a stadium like Take Me Out to the Ball Game, the baseball anthem. A stadium standing many with arms on shoulders swaying and singing the anthem that brings smiles to the losing team. Shame it was only sung once.

Whatever. Not one home run. Booooo! You stink!

Home already. Leaving the stadium was freakishly smooth. Police at traffic lights waving forward traffic. That all changed as traffic headed for the one lane onramp to I-95, I think. Most cars seemed to heading north to Fort Lauderdale.

Miami Marlins lost 7 to 4. The “boyscouts” coupon code is valid until Sept.

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