Hot White Beach with No Shade

Driving towards Sanibel Island on causeway.
Driving towards Sanibel Island on causeway.

On the Saturday driving south from Saint Petersburg you continued south of Naples and Fort Myers to Sanibel Island.

Should you consider returning think about these things probably forgot about:

  1. There is no shade on the beach. No Shade. Bring an umbrella or tent.
  2. What looks like sand are shells. The entire shoreline is a rock of sea shells. You can walk with you shoes on the shore is so solid.
  3. The sea shells are the common kind. They are everywhere and it seems that the shells reproduce.
  4. The sand is white and there is no shade and the water reflects the sun amplifying the light. It is a very bright place to be. Bring the darkest sunglasses you can find.
  5. The water is very shallow and the sand is fine and muddy. You can walk 40 meters from the shore and still have the water at knee length.
  6. If you rent a bicycle, then wear a moisture dissipating shirt. You will sweat.
  7. Don’t expect to find well known restaurants outside of 7-11 and Dairy Queen though there was a pizza and Mexican food restaurant.

There was a ting of, I don’t know, something with the people. Like sand in your food. You don’t see it, but you know it’s there because you can taste it.

Not one picture of the beach. Biked to four beach access points. Entered the water at two. Spent a total of three to four hours in Sanibel Island then left.

Google Maps Route Out of Sanibel Island
Screenshot of iPhone with Google Maps navigation leaving Sanibel Island.