First Communion


Congratulations on your First Communion. And on the day before Mother’s Day. This is one milestone of many more ahead.

Through yours I remember my First Communion. I didn’t know what any of it meant. Sunday school didn’t help and all those many Sundays later all I can say is that I was physically present. Only well into adulthood did I make sense of it. Maybe this isn’t really your milestone, but one for your parents.

There’s this memory of a blue textured, knitted I’d say, clip-on tie – light blue dark blue I don’t remember – and standing in front of a white statue of a religious woman in a religious pose with heavy green foliage extending towards us from left and right while holding a long white candle with a red design along its length. My mother smiling wide and my father, well I’m not sure, and I looking in the same direction.

This memory does exist and the picture my mother keeps is proof! The picture is the only way I can remember my First Communion. I too passed this milestone.

Now about the card. Those aren’t my words, but the card’s words. Only the most event appropriate words. It’s an impossibility for me to think of those words. And this is why these cards exists.

So again, congratulations Lucas. Many years later should you forget about this day, just ask your mother.