Above All, There Is Love. Sweet Goldmund Love.

The book that launched the Book of the Month (self) Challenge.

Softcover front.
Softcover front.

Bought the book at Barnes and Nobles at the beginning of October 2013 on a whim. Literally left the house and drove to the nearest B&N to purchase a book. Any book. Bored was I. With nothing particular in mind I browsed the fiction shelves until Herman Hesse. Decided on a Herman Hesse book having read Siddhartha several years before. Steppenwolf? No. With a certain unknown familiarity Narcissus and Goldmund appeared. The old school art on the softcover. The stout width and thick depth of the book and makes you eager to hold in your hands.

Weird, but the pages of the book have an odor maybe even parfum-like. Something to wonder about.


Check. Prefer over hardcover ’cause I can’t use my hands to bend the hardcovers to my will nor twist and turn them. Definitely softcover.

Love, Senses, Art, Nature, Death.

All the things in the natural world covered. Largely and expose on that it may mean to be alive and interact with the world, start and adventure, and live as you wish.

Love quote:

And still more, I’d like to die with you. Drink me to the dregs, beloved, melt me, kill me!

Death quote:

Blood spilled from his chest and neck; from his mouth life ran out in delirious, weakening sighs.

Discovery and Life Choices.

The story is entirely about self-discovery and choices made to that end and the very end. Those choices compared to the steady and constant progress of your nearest friend. Your friend has his life path already determined. While you drift in whatever direction your soul curves to.

Goldmund wanders the earth and consumes it with all its experiences and vices and dangers in medievil times. Narcissus the barometer to which Goldmund compares his life oversees the very cloister where he and Goldmund studied in youth. Mirror opposites in life.


It is worth a re-read? Yes. Re-read it and also reassess what is important to you.