Back in Toronto for the First Time

A decent job, I thought, of packing and preparing for a week long trip to Toronto. A week’s worth of clothes perfectly curated. Counted socks and underwear. All of it folded and packed well before the middle of the evening the night before.

Only in the morning did I realize forgetting travel medicine to kick back the nasties picked up by unclean and ill travelers. Having almost ruined the trip by forgetting something, this travel checklist, my first, should help. The list grew so much that it got its own post – Travel Checklist of an Intermediate Traveler.

With Global Entry no need to remove shoes or belts or liquids. Nice. Fast. Flight departing Fort Lauderdale for connecting flight in Charlotte was nothing out of ordinary except for the snorer to my left by the window and the newspaper reader with the light permanently on to my right. The light normally wouldn’t bother me but a 6:30 morning flight should have norms. Lights should not be one of them.

The flight is going well. This plane is only two seats deep. The seats are leather and views from the window seat are nice though my window seat didn’t have a window and I had to pear through the window in the rows in front and behind me. Also, I met a mathematician. She was doing what appeared to be tick tac toe or graphing. So I asked and she said graphing theory. Not that I knew what that meant , but it looked interesting. That’s what I told her. She smiled, continued more math work and stuffed orange ear plugs in both ears. She obviously takes her math seriously.

Charlotte to Toronto Flight Window View Departing Charlotte
Window view of US Airways flight from Charlotte to Toronto, February 16, 2014, leaving Charlotte, North Carolina.

Read the introduction to the Art of War. Slow moving and expecting really useful wisdom starting with the first chapter.

Minus 12 degrees in Toronto says the captain! Yeah very cold. Plus everything is covered in snow and ice. A long sleeved undershirt plus a long sleeved casual shirt plus a sweater and a fleece. About to find out if that is enough to keep a Floridian warm in the bosom of a Toronto winter.

Charlotte to Toronto Flight Window View Nearing Toronto
Window view of US Airways flight from Charlotte to Toronto, February 16, 2014, approaching landing in Toronto.

Definitely cold, but not extreme. Breathing and exhaling is exciting. Plumes of steam or vapor or whatever it is billows out each nostril and mouth. I see my breath disappearing and giving a last breath of its own. First time in Terminal 1 and boy was it empty.

Toronto Airport Terminal 1
Pickup station S5 in Toronto airport Terminal 1. Quite empty.

Next stop is the hotel for lunch a visit to Kolher, a friend, and a day’s finish up with light work and a dripping of Tzu.

Check-in at Hilton Garden Inn
No lunch served today. Pffft. On a Sunday. Cookies reserved for evening check-in arrivals and shuttles only, well shuttle, to and from the airport. Jolly poor start Hilton. By this time my immune system is at record health and the Airborne plastic bottle of chewable tablets is empty. Subsisting on chewable vitamins is not recommended.

Took a nap. Lost headache. Awoke and room serviced too much food. Broke my vegetarian streak by ordering a gourmet hamburger. Guilty weighs heavy. The Greek salad was a disappointment, but at least I completed a proper girls’ night with turtle cheesecake and The Wedding Planner. Jennifer Lopez is great in that.

Evening View from 5th Floor Hotel Room
5th floor of Hilton Garden Inn Toronto airport. An evening after room serviced dinner.

Time to end the night with work. One downed cup of coffee. Several more to go. Now where’s that pitcher?