First Look is Free and You Know Something Honey

Still of Brenda the Waitress SNL Skit with Jan Hooks and Alex Baldwin
Still frame of Jan Hooks and Alex Baldwin in Brenda the Waitress SNL Skit.

Maya Rudolph, in a women of SNL episode, introduced what I  knew then only as the diner skit with Alex Baldwin, but what I know now correctly as the Brenda the Waitress skit with Jan Hooks and Alex Baldwin. The acting is spot on and dialogue is fluid and infectious. Amusing and charming altogether.

Like the original introduction on SNL via Hulu, the recent episode hosted by Bill Hader spread news of Jan Hooks’ passing with a showing of a tender skit of her and Phil Hartman dancing.

Brenda the Waitress SSaturday Night Live Thumbnails
Thumbnails of the entire Brenda the Waitress SNL skit.

Enjoyable even after the twentieth view. Watch it here.