Mental Sanity

Mental sanity is important and under appreciated. A open conversation on the topic is rare because of the potential perception of being associated with the unbalanced that crowd at the edges of society and respectable conduct.

However, I submit, to anyone open to listening, that it is an exercise needed for all of life’s stages. And not just for adults, but for all ages.

Sanity, I’ve found, is not a heavy object that can be muscled into being righted. No, it is an outlook on the world and situations and circumstances that only a perception change can correct. And to reach a new perception sometimes requires persuasion or learnings. It develops incrementally and blossoms into the person’s new reality.

The new perception, being a product of the mind, is powerful and once obtained is the filter through which all things are processed.

Mental sanity should be taken seriously with genuine efforts to mold and calm and cleanse our minds of unhealthy thoughts that seep into our behavior unknowingly.