Discover Poetry Through an Advert

Poetry Mail Advert
Poetry Mail Advert

As a subscriber of multiple magazines – some free some paid, but mostly free or free trials –  the ensuring torrent of mailers offering preferred member discount for other magazines is a pain willingly accepted. Usually, these mailers have their own special path from the mailboxes to the kitchen table, to the desk, the desk chair, and finally the trash bin but not before a forceful jerk with the all ten finger and some palm tears the mailer into two or on occasion three pieces.

Now poetry is something to be appreciated. By others. Those others that memorize long poems or remember poet names or even offer their favorite randomly. I am not the others. Though I can, from afar, appreciate others. And here arrives this unassuming mailer. Disguised in a dangerously simple envelope. Within it a three page letter made its attempt at persuading me to subscribe. Appealing to a sense of self advancement and exploration. Of reading enjoyment and of being a cultural patron.

Unmoved subscribe I did not, but I did embark on a cursory search for well known poems upon which a dated article from The Times of London, 30 great poems everyone should know was re-discovered. And here I document this article that hopefully remains online for years ahead. Quite good.

Haven’t actually read all 30 poems, but I re-read the Jabberwocky several times attempting to understand its meaning. Only until I had given up and searched and found the Wikipedia entry did I then understand it. There really isn’t anything to understand. With made up words, you find you’re own meaning though a terrible monster was certainly slayed by a young lad. Poor Old Lady is fun.