The Old Man and the Sea BOTMC

The Old Man and the Sea on a Park Bench
April 2014 Book of the Month Challenge

Location: Havana, Santiago’s shack, the Sea
Protagonist: Santiago the fisherman, Manolin the boy helper
Antagonist: Village fishermen, the big Marlin, sharks
Struggle: Santiago versus the big Marlin plus fights with hungry sharks

The writing is concise. No extra words.

Saddened that Santiago lives in a shack and uses newspapers as a pillow. Imagined a run down beach town similar to the town of the 1959 version of Black Orpheus. He has no one except for Manolin, the boy helper, the Sea and its millions of fish.

The Marlin and fisherman fight for many rounds over the course of a few days. Scared the old man might die. Hands raw and back and shoulders lashed and cut from the line. Why doesn’t this man wear GLOVES or use a proper fishing pole!  Surprising.

Way far out at sea without sight of land I wonder how this worn tired old man will return to shore. He finds his way as he’s done many times before.

A great fisherman proves himself to the village fishermen, to the boy and to the Marlin. To the world really. His finest hour. Though it is only those people who know of Santiago who can appreciate his adventure and the magnitude of achievement. Grand moments as there are many in life. In that perspective, this one’s man struggle is non special at all.